Ellie Pavlick

Email: epavlick @ jhu . edu

I am a senior at Johns Hopkins University and the Peabody Conservatory, majoring in Economics and Saxophone Performance and minoring in Computer Science and Matematics. I am interested in Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing and am currently doing research with Dr. Callison-Burch and Dr. Matt Post on using Amazon Mechanical Turk to collect training data for Machine Translation systems.


Johns Hopkins UniversityCurrent

Major: Economics
Minor: Computer Science, Mathematics

Peabody ConservatoryCurrent

Major: Saxophone Performance



Game Theory ⋅ Econometrics ⋅ Economics of Antitrust ⋅ Corporate Finance

Computer Science

Operating Systems ⋅ Object-Oriented Software Engineering ⋅ Parallel Programming ⋅ Automata Theory ⋅ Data Structures


Real Analysis ⋅ Probability and Statistics ⋅ Differential Equations ⋅ Linear Algebra

Previous Research

Identifying idiosyncratic career taste and skill with income risk Under Review 2011


Current Resume