1. I am a person.
  2. I am a computer scientist.
  3. I am a PhD student.
*while I sometimes do other things, it is mostly just those three things.

Curriculum Vitae


University of Edinburgh
Ph.D. Computational Biology, September 2015 - Present
Johns Hopkins University
B.Sc. Computer Science, August 2011 - December 2014
Winston Churchill High School
August 2007 - June 2011

Work Experience

Software Development Engineer at Amazon (Edinburgh) March 2015-August 2015
Worked as a member of the Dynmaic Merchandizing team at the Amazon Development Centre, Scotland. Left to pursue a PhD.
Intern at Google (San Francisco) June 2014-August 2014
Worked as an intern for the Google Wallet team out of the Google San Francisco Office.
Research Fellow in the Laboratory of Dr. Yizhi Cai (University of Edinburgh) September 2013-May 2014
Developing Synthetic Biology Applications for the design and characterization of DNA sequences, and for the automation of DNA synthesis.
Intern at Cisco Systems (San Jose) June 2013-August 2013
Developed feedback loop prevention and visualization software for radio systems. Developed a quick installer for the IPICS product.
Research Fellow in the Laboratories of Dr. Jef Boeke and Dr. Joel Bader (Johns Hopkins University) January 2012-June 2013
Developed a Ruby on Rails web application for use in the Boeke and Bader labs.
Member of 2012 JHU iGEM Software Team
Part of a team of four which created a cloud-based tool for plasmid annotation and design (called Autogene), which was submitted to the 2012 iGEM competition in the software track, won Best Software in the World iGEM Competition
Intern at the Naval Medical Research Center (Silver Spring, MD) 2010-2012
Did bioinformatics programming in support of a Shigella vaccine development project.
Intern at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (Gaithersburg, MD) 2008
Web Development and Java programming in support of an Arabic-to-English translation software project




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